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What is it?

A Community Led Plan is the product of local ideas developed by people in the parish to describe our vision of our community in the next five to ten years.
It will incorporate an action plan which will detail how this vision can be achieved.

Why is it important?

A Community Led Plan is a form of reference document for what we want to happen in the parish. The Plan will describe our wishes about such things as

  • affordable housing
  • in-fill developments
  • more extensive developments in the Parish

which the Local Authority will have to take into consideration.

December 2015 update:

The Community Led Plan for Upwood and the Raveleys was successfully launched on October 24th at an open afternoon held in Upwood Village Hall. All households in the parish have now received a copy of the Community Led Plan and as the action plan develops further updates will be provided on this section of the parish website.

The next meeting of the Community Led Plan team will be in early 2016.

The Community Led Plan document and action plan can be found in the CLP documentation section (below) as can the results of the parish questionnaire. The spreadsheet contains whole parish response details as well as giving the results for each part of the parish (see tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet).

Three sub-groups have been formed to address the main issues that arose from the questionnaire:
• Roads and road safety - to look at Great Raveley traffic calming; Longholme Road crossing; 40mph zone from Bury to the end of Upwood village.
• Housing and Planning - identification of ownership of land within the parish that could potentially be open to development.
• Communication - to raise the awareness of the parish website and Facebook; establishing a rolling reminder programme of services available within the parish; making the parish council more accessible. 

October 2018 Update: The Action Plan has been reviewed and  colour coded red/amber/green to identify items which have been completed, those which are ongoing and those still requiring consideration or action.

The sub-groups are made up of representatives from the Community Led Plan team, members of the Parish Council and any members of the parish who are interested in looking at these issues. If you would like to become involved please contact Helen Nel (07831 177175 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will provide further details.


Contact List

CLP Email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carol Bilverstone

01487 812447

Trevor Brown

01487 711541

Bob Child

01487 815475

Robin Cutting 01487 711503

Jason Edwards

01487 812266

Fiona Hopkins

01487 710045

Robin Howe

01487 814393

Pauline McLeod

01487 814114

Helen Nel

07831 177175

Gill Shelford

01487 812009

Garth Slater

01487 812006


CLP Documentation