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VH musicLogo 2018 copyUpwood Village Hall started putting on high quality performing arts events in November 2008. Originally staging shows as part of the much missed Arts in Cambs on Tour scheme, the hall decided to “go it alone” once the local district councils, including Huntingdonshire District Council, withdrew their financial support for the rural touring scheme.

UVH Performing Arts decided to stop putting on concerts at the end of 2022.


Previous Shows
  November   Daoiri Farrell
  October   FARA
  October   Salt House
  September   Granny's Attic
  February   Ninebarrow
  January   Cup O'Joe (support from Elizabeth & Jameson)
  December   Jez Lowe's Northumbrian Christmas
  November   FB Pocket Orchestra
  October   Chris While & Julie Matthews
  September   Midnight Skyracer
  April   FARA
  March   Miranda Sykes
  February   Megson
  December   Belshazzar's Feast
  November   Phillip Henry (concert & workshop)
  October   Melrose Quartet
  August   Midnight Skyracer
  July   The Cosmic Sausages
  April   James Hill & Anne Janelle (2 concerts and 1 workshop)
  March   Craobh Rua
  February   Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
  January   Granny's Attic
  December   Johnny Coppin with Paul Burgess & Dik Cadbury
  November   Jez Lowe & Kate Bramley
  October   Chris While & Julie Matthews
  September   Ninebarrow
  July   FB Pocket Orchestra
  March   Cardboard Fox
  February   Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
  January   Megson
  November   James Hill & Anne Janelle
  November   James Hill Ukulele Workshop
  October   Chris While & Julie Matthews
  September   Cup O'Joe
  August   Mischa Macpherson Trio
  May   Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston
  April   Mervyn Stutter
  March   Phil Beer
  January   Upwood Ukuleles & Ouse Valley Chorus
  December   Celtic Christmas Strings - Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh
  November    "Nelson, The Sailors' Story" - Nicholas Collett 
  October   Melrose Quartet 
  September    Johnny Coppin & Mike Silver (support: Cup O'Joe)
  June    The Mischa Macpherson Trio 
  April    Steve Knightley
  April    The New Rope String Band 
  December    St Agnes Fountain 
  October    "Walking On The Roof" - MsFits Theatre Co 
  September    Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
  June    The Mischa Macpherson Trio 
  April    Chris & Kellie While 
  March    "The Magic Of Charles Dickens" - Ian Keable 
  December    "All On A Winter's Night" - Johnny Coppin, Paul Burgess & Mick Dolan 
  November    "A Warning To The Curious" - Robert Lloyd Parry 
  October    Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh 
  April    Mervyn Stutter 
  February   Chris & Kellie While
  November   Opera Dudes
  October   Custard Comedy
  September   State Of The Union - Boo Hewerdine & Brooks Williams
  April   "Spitfire Solo" - Nicholas Collett
  February   Devious Minds - Dean Maudsley & TJ Shoesmith
  November   Mervyn Stutter
  October   "Ghost Town" - Limbik Theatre Co
  September   Coup De Grass
  May   The Classic Buskers
  March   Mervyn Stutter
  November   Coup De Grass
  May   "Nothing Up My Sleeve" - Ian Keable
  May   "Women Behaving Madly" - MsFits Theatre Co
  November   "Fensong" - Penny McClaren-Walker
  June   "Mamma Mia" - film show
  May   "Fur Coat & Magic Knickers" - MsFits Theatre Co
  November   Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh