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Cemeteries & Graveyards

These updated lists of graves and plans have been prepared by members of the Upwood Community Archive Group.

Graveyards: There are three burial places and a Garden of Remembrance in Upwood:-
• ‘St Peter’s Church Graveyard’, with graves from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries;
• The ‘Old (lower) Graveyard’ on Meadow Road, with graves from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century,
• The ‘New (upper) Graveyard’ on Meadow Road, with graves from the second part of the twentieth century onwards.
• The Garden of Remembrance in St Peter’s Church graveyard was started in the last decade of the twentieth century.

Information: The information extracted from the gravestones includes: family name, first names, date of death and age at death and is as accurate as possible but please note some gravestones are not clear so errors may have occurred. It is possible that closing the graveyards when full may have resulted in members of the same family being buried in more than one of the graveyards.

Numbering: The numbering system used is taken from earlier work done to identify graves. It is not always logical but, in order to maintain continuity, has not been changed. Each graveyard has its own numbering system. Similar series of numbers are used on each site.


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